The present pandemic has put us all on alert and as we make efforts to protect ourselves against contracting the virus, the one accessory which has become mandatory in our lives is the face mask. These masks act as the first layer of defence against the virus, and as such, it is extremely important to wear the right one. We at InMask have collated a set tips which will help you choose the perfect mask to protect you and your loved ones. Ask yourself the following questions when you set out to buy a mask:

What is the filtration efficiency of the mask?

Wearing a face mask is necessary to keep out the virus and prevent it from coming in contact with the individual user. Different kinds of masks have different filtration efficiencies and not all companies mention this on their packaging. InMask offers 99.5% filtration efficiency in its triple layered masks which are among the best in terms of functionality.

Is the mask washable and reusable?

In the initial days, people relied on wearing surgical masks which are only fit for one use. However, given that we need to wear masks day in and day out, it is recommended to and much more cost effective to buy washable and reusable masks.

Is the mask safe and skin-friendly?

Given that you will be wearing the mask for a significant amount of time in the day and it will be in contact with the skin, it must be made from a material which is safe for the skin and does not cause any irritation.

Does the mask and/or the manufacturer have approval from established agencies?

The best way to find out if your mask guarantees effective protection is to see whether it has received any approvals from established standards organizations. These approvals are an indicator of the mask’s proven efficacy established after stringent quality checks, making them safe for your use.


For face masks that afford the highest protection and filtration efficiency, choose INMASK. Committed to sustainability, protection, innovation and comfort, INMASK has come up with a range of three layer masks that afford 99% filtration efficiency. Each of the masks are washable, reusable and last for up to 1 year and INMASK SAVIOUR comes with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. INMASK SAVIOUR is NIOSH N95 tested, establishing its efficiency at the highest levels. Buy INMASK cotton masks and Saviour masks and do everything you want while staying safe.

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