Most of the protective face masks that are available today on the market have been designed to provide protection against airborne infections but only a handful of them have properties to ensure on contact sanitization of viruses and microbes as well. The process of on-contact sanitization is extremely important to stop the spread of airborne infections, and it could be the best strategy to stop the spread of the Corona virus, till the time we have a vaccine available for the same to provide a permanent solution against this virus.

Inmask Savior face mask is a revolutionary face mask that has got the best features you expect out of a protective face mask. To ensure maximum defense against viruses and microbes and particulate matter, it comes with 3-layer protection to provide effective and long-lasting protection against airborne infections, including the Corona virus. Apart from its extremely good filtration capacity that ensures more than 99% filtration, the best part of this mask is its biotechnology-based inner self-sanitizing layer that makes this mask a much better choice than N95 or similar types of masks that work only on filtration principle.

So, how does this self-sanitizing inner layer works to ensure the maximum protection against viruses and microbes?

Unlike N 95 and other protective masks that only work on the filtration mechanism to ensure protection against microbes, Inmask Saviour face mask’s inner layer is made of high-grade imported yarn that has antimicrobial properties to ensure effective neutralization of viruses and pathogens on contact.  Thus, it reduces the chance of virus infection at the source level and helps to reduce the spread of infection.

So, if you are looking for a complete protective face mask that ensures maximum protection from airborne infections for you and others around you, then InMask Saviour protective face mask is a great choice on your part.

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