During the current pandemic, wearing a protective face mask is the best way to protect ourselves from getting infected with airborne infections, including the Corona virus. In fact, wearing a protective face mask seems to be one of the viable solutions that safeguards us against the Corona virus till the time we have an effective and long-term solution. Therefore, it makes sense to get the right face mask that not only provides adequate protection against airborne infections, including the Corona Virus, but it should also provide a convenient and comfortable wearing, especially for someone who needs to wear it for a long duration. 


When it comes to choosing the right protective face mask, N95 makes a popular choice as it offers good protection against airborne infection and the Corona virus. But it needs to be discarded after a few hours of usage and also it is not reusable, making it a bit expensive and also a little inconvenient as a protective gear for you against the airborne infections. 


Why Inmask Saviour protective face mask makes a better choice than an N95 or similar masks is because of the following features:


Highly Efficient

Where N 95 provides filtration efficiency only up to 95%, Inmask Saviour face mask provides more than 99% filtration capacity, thereby ensuring better protection in comparison against airborne pathogens, including the Corona virus, and particulate matter suspended in the air.


Extremely Comfortable

With 3-layer protection, Inmask Saviour face mask makes for a highly comfortable experience, especially when it comes to breathing out, whereas N95 mask requires an additional exhalation valve to make breathing out easy and is not recommended when sterile conditions are needed.


Self Sanitizing

Inmask Saviour face mask comes with a self-sanitizing inner layer made of high-grade yarn fabric that sanitizes and kills the virus on contact to ensure adequate protection for you and others and also keeps it fresh for a long time. N95 doesn’t have this feature.


Reusable and long-lasting

Made of patented fiber resourced from Europe and the USA, Inmask Savior face mask is designed using non-melt blown technique that makes it washable and reusable for up to 50 washes. N 95 masks need to be discarded after every use, thus making these masks a little inconvenient as well as costly.  


For its many advantages over N95 and similar masks that work on filtration principle, Inmask Saviour protective face mask makes a better choice for you, and it is also a sustainable, comprehensive, and economic choice against airborne infections. 

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