Protection Against Virus & Bacteria

With 3 ply protection, this mask blocks the contaminants from getting through, ensuring the safety of the user. The outer layer is a COVID-approved fabric layer leveraging biotechnology to block contaminants efficiently. The double-knit layer further blocks microbes that try to penetrate, the third Bio fabric layer, has anti-microbial properties that efficiently kills these viruses, bacteria, and fungi ensuring the safety for both wearer and people around. The sound protection system of this mask makes it among the best cotton masks online in India that you can go for.

Bio Yarn Inner Protection

The chains of molecules containing anti-microbial properties are grafted onto the base of the raw fabric through biotechnology. In the event of direct contact, this fabric acts very rapidly against bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and this property remains intact even after washing.

Comfortable and Breathable

Made with high-quality material and structured to add comfort and breathability, this mask enhances the everyday experience with its innovative fabric. Be it a park, office, meetings, get-togethers, or even gym, this mask is designed for long usage and indeed among the best cotton masks, you can buy online.

Tested and Patented Fabric

Designed using NIOSH certified biotechnology-based patented fabric to ensure safe and comfortable long-time protection from airborne diseases and contaminants. These masks are sufficiently tested for being skin-friendly and provide comfortable wearing even for a long duration.

Skin Safe

The material of the mask is non-toxic that shields the skin with its moisturizing properties, which lasts for its entire lifetime. Made with bio yarn, the fiber reduces microbial activity that helps in maintaining hygiene while providing an odour free experience. Of course, this is among the best cotton face mask online in India for you.

Odourless Property

Due to the self-sanitizing, odour-free, high-grade yarn fabric material designed using antimicrobial technology, Inmask Saviour face mask offers safe and pleasant wear against airborne infections even for a long duration, And if you are in search of one of the best face masks you can buy online, then Inmask Saviour is the one.

Washable and Reusable

Unlike N 95 and similar masks, Inmask Saviour is designed using a non-melt blown technique that makes it washable and reusable, and it keeps its effectiveness against airborne contaminants even after 50 washes. If you are looking to buy the best quality reusable face mask online in India, Inmask Saviour does make a great choice on your part.

Sourced from Europe and USA

Designed using NIOSH certified patented fabric and other premium quality materials sourced from Europe and USA to ensure the ultimate protection for you and your family against airborne infections & contaminants.