It is your major responsibility to keep your family healthy and secure from airborne contamination amid the current pandemic. The cost of a protective mask against the manifold cost of hospitalization is the reason enough why you should get one and protect your loved ones against airborne infections. However, does your protective face mask guarantee adequate protection against the Corona Virus, and prevent your family from getting infected with it?

Why Inmask Saviour is the best protective face mask for you?

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from the life-threatening virus, Inmask Saviour, one of the safest masks around, ensures that your family is protected from the Corona virus due to its innovative 3-layer protection. Its first layer reduces virus effect on contact. The double-knit second layer protects you from microbial infection and reduces the chance of secondary infection. The third (inner) layer, made of superior grade bio-yarn, maximizes protection (up to 99.5 percent, better than N95 masks) against airborne infections and the Corona virus for an exceedingly long duration.

Designed in India using premium quality material sourced from Europe and the USA, the fabric is NIOSH certified. Among the best mask brands in India, Inmask Saviour is made from biotechnology-based patented fabric and has been tested for wearing in different conditions. So, if you are looking to buy the best quality face mask online in India, then it is an ideal safety gear for you and your loved ones in public areas, workplaces, social events, and even for your morning walks or gym sessions against airborne pathogens and the Corona virus. Despite all these cool features, Inmask Saviour face mask price in India is among the most competitive when you compare its features with other mask brands. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of your purchase of protective face masks, then Inmask Saviour is among the best fabric face masks that you can buy in India and keep your loved ones protected from airborne infections. So, when you decide to buy the best quality face masks online, Inmask Saviour makes the ultimate choice on your part.



Inmask saviour prevents 99.5% of the particles from reaching you. It ensures to block virus, bacteria, fungi that tries to pass through the mask and reach you. On the other hand, an n95 as the mentioned in the name means 95% filtration, which is less protection than inmask saviour

What is the meaning of self sanitising layer ?

The inner layer of the mask is made of a fabric yarn. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It will kill the microbes on contact and unlike anti-viral masks available in the market today, it is not treatment you do it to the fabric, in fact the fabric itself is anti-bacterial. The only one of its kind in the world. Also, the fabric never loses its anti-microbial properties.

Is this mask ethically priced ?

This is the only truly reusable mask that will last for months. Unlike masks available in the market today, all the fabric has been specially manufactured and imported from USA and Europe. As it can be used for months at end, it lands up being cheaper than even a surgical mask.

Is this mask washable and reusable ?

The inner layer has self-sanitizing properties to ensure that microbes that reach you or come out of your mouth are killed. The outer layer is made of the finest fabrics in Europe is not self-sanitizing. You can wash it, use a sanitizing spray, or a uv disinfecting machine.

How is this better than a n95 ?

Inmask saviour performs better than the popular n-95 as the particle filtration efficiency of inmask saviour is 99.5%, whereas n-95 only filters out 95% of the particles. Unlike inmask saviour, n-95 does not have any self-sanitizing layer and it loses its efficiency after a wash.

Can one go to a hospital wearing this mask ?

Yes! Even though no mask can guarantee your safety, but this mask will be one of the safest you can wear. Do not forget to follow the other important activities such as keeping your hands clean and maintaining social distancing.

Should you wash the mask before wearing it for the first time ?

Inmasks are sanitized before they are shipped to you. Your safety is our top most priority.

How to clean Inmask Saviour?

Step 1. Launder the mask in the washing machine in hot water (160 degree fahrenheit or 71.1 degree celsius) using soap or detergent that leaves no residue.

Step 2. Rinse well with fresh water and hang to air-dry.


Step 1. Disinfect masks by soaking for five minutes in a solution of two tablespoons of bleach per quart (liter) of water or 1/3 cup (80 ml) of bleach per gallon (3.84 liter) of water.

Step 2. Rinse well with fresh water and hang to air-dry.

What size options available for inmask saviour ?

We have 4 sizes and they are broadly categorized  as below xl – bigger face l – men m – ladies s – kids (8-12 years) for better understanding a 14-year-old could easily fit in medium, depending upon the size of the face structure. Please take a doctor’s opinion for masks for small children and people who have a pre-existing condition of breathing problems.